Monday, 24 August 2015

Decreasing Age ....Increasing Pain....not lifestyle this time its " social issue "...

Today i was just thinking of what to write, then a 11 year old girl walked in my clinic , cute face , sharp nose and beautiful eyes , with one of my very faithful client who believe on me very much  and always consult once if any medical issue arise in the family . And today she was with her friends daughter . After warm welcome of her i asked the concern , and after listening her i was bit upset reason was the neck pain of that little angle , i cant believe she is getting symptoms of postural cervical spondolysis with prominent swelling on back of neck which generally i see in ladies of 40 + .

My concern was obvious about her physical activity , mother replied no physical activity . " growing girl i cant send alone out , ' she is right at her place . Then what about the health this is toooo early for her to get these kind of signs & symptoms , i am confuse where to focus on the social issue she arise or the pain . so i did my job , council both the girl and the mother and taught few exercise and local area treatment to handle the current problem .But my mind is still occupied with the thought of this insecurity in the mother and the society as a whole i know it is a big issue in our society , cant we do anything at least a bit  through en-culture good "Sanskar" in male around us  , our sons and there friends . A bit of time can change life ,we need to spend time with our kids.