Friday, 10 July 2015

World Population Day ...2015...“Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”

Today  the whole world is celebrating World Population Day 2015 . The theme of 2015 is “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”. 
Theme is bit unclear when we read it .To understand it there is a definition , that can make it understandable .
"Vulnerable populations can be defined broadly to include those who are not able to access and use the standard resources offered in disaster preparedness and planning, response, and recovery."
Current Indian population 1,289,391,256 (1.28 billion) As of July 10, 2015 & current worlds population is more then 7 billion.
World Population Day is a great event being celebrated all through the world annually on 11th of July. It is celebrated to increase the awareness of the people towards the worldwide population issues. It was first started in the year 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

What is the significance of this day - As the population will increase then there will be shortage of resources and unequal distribution is natural , The basic need of food , shelter , cloth ( roti , kapda , or makan) is chief concern . Other then this one more very imperative need is health care , its growing demand of man power and  cost  for lifestyle diseases is arising as a major issue .

11 NOVEMBER 2013 | RECIFE, BRAZIL - The world will be short of 12.9 million health-care workers by 2035.

Chronic diseases could cost global economy $47-trillion, That number, $47-trillion (U.S.), is so staggeringly large as to be almost unbelievable. But that is how much five chronic illnesses will cost the global economy over the next 20 years, according to a new study commissioned by the World Economic Forum.

The research is a bitter cue that the five conditions – cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease and respiratory illness – do not merely pose health challenges for individuals but an economic challenge for the world for decades to come.

Today, the big five kill 36 million people a year (of the 57 million deaths in total). By 2030, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) will claim 52 million or 80 per cent of all deaths.
Best way to deal this crisis in future is prevention ( true prevention ) , adopting a healthy lifestyle i.e good nutrition and exercise . As  Indian we should proud honorable prim minister Modi ji to give  " yoga day " to the whole word , best thing to control lifestyle diseases epidemic. We all should adopt yoga in our routine .  

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