Wednesday, 29 July 2015

STRESS.....Has the potential to MAKE you and MAR you .....

Stress is everyday fact of life . Its is something , which cant be avoided . It creeps in stealthily and has the potential to make you or mar you.

Important is how best you can cope with it and lead a healthy, preventive and progressive life. Modern  life with  its fast pact, occupational  achievements, personal  ambitions,  social pressures environmental  poison  and our  orientation  to  sedentary mental work,  present  almost all  of  us  with  constantly  stressful situations.Though  we  all  have  our  own environment and deal/ react  in  different way to  stresses fact  remains  that  all  of  us  are  affected by it  in some  way  or other, at  some  time or the  other.

In simple team, stress is a reaction / response to any kind of change.  It is the physical and emotional response to situation,which are perceived as  novel ,frightening,confusion, exiting or tiring. It is not  only gets precipitated  by  external demands,but also be generated  from with  in  by  our hopes,  fears, expectations and beliefs. It act  like  a  signal  for the  mind  and  body  to get prepared  for  any  eventuality.
Stress  places a demand  on human  mind  and body with right  attitude and in  right  amount ,  it make  us  well  managed in a  particular   situation and  it is  good to take  a  beautiful amount  of stress  to get out beautifully  from any unfavorable  situation and we  “glow up”. and become more active , refined , more sensitive , understanding , and more productive. Its important to decide a right amount of stress in any situation that can build and destroy you. 

However, when stress become prolonged and chronic,(long team) stress can then become  too demanding and debilitating. Not only can it destroy your looks, but also your vitality and eventually your health.It  create  a lot of  pressure  and  tension on the bodily system.The body& mind are in high alert  without  much  required  periods  of  rest.That ultimately cause major damage in the Form of burn out". 

At initial stage of burnout it can be controlled with in by knowing its exact cause and by adaptation and modification of behavior . Check on persistent  irritability,  anxiety , high BP, insomnia,forget fullness,  inability  to  concentrate, headaches , any  dependency etc . If any  thing  you  found abnormal  then consult  once any counselor or find out your stresses and work on  it  to  manage with  in  yourself  or  with  the help of  any  right  person. If stress is not controlled in   initial stages it may  cause psychosomatic  disorders and severe damage then you need a counselor to help you to make right coping strategy.