Friday, 20 February 2015

I am fat .....not always bad ....

Fat become so popular like sharukh khan after DDLG .... everyone is talking about ... only difference is fat received bad reputation  . although fat is one of the essential component required for the human body health and physical performance. Fat act an insulator in the body by making a layer over organs and under skin to provide and maintain body heat and protect body organs. other then this there is another major role of fat in body , it helps to absorb few vitamins which are fat soluble i.e vitamin A ,D,K and E. so if any individual who is avoiding and eliminating fat in diet just being healthy and not to be fatty , can't absorb these vitamins and may develop deficiencies of  nutrients depends on fat , over a period of time .

Like all organs in body, have  primary function same way adipose tissue ( fat ) also have primary function to reserve energy for daily activities  so it provide a large reserve for energy to the body .
fat stored as a result of excess calories consumption in any form like carbohydrates ( wheat, rice etc.)
, proteins or fat . S
o not fat is responsible for weight gain or any medical condition which we directly or indirectly correlate with fat  but we should take right fat in right amount to keep our body healthy and fit.
Add almonds, walnut , flex seeds , peanuts , peanut butter, olive oil ,soybeans in your daily diet and balance diet in right portion of carbs, proteins and milk products. and most important do physical activity so control daily calorie intake to avoid excess fat storage in the fat cells .