Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Make your morning a healthy morning ................with Surya - Namaskar....

Today one of my client talked to me about surya namaskar , so I decide to write about it today  . Surya namaskar is a common sequence of asans i.e  7 postures including exercise of whole body and it works like wonder in weight loss , so many studies are done on surya namaskar . and it is found that there  is significant improvement in our pulmonary function test , stamina , hand grip , endurance , flexibility and  increase the joint mobility .

But it should be done under guidance when you want to start it as it contain bit hyperextension exercises which should be done with the advice of a physiotherapist or your doctor .

Before doing  proper sequence of the posture in  suryanamaskar batter to do a short training of different exercise for different parts of body to bring body on a certain fitness level to do the sequence of asans. Stretching exercise for leg arm and back are batter to do before you start it .   And the repetition of the asans should also be done less first then gradually increase it . you can begin with set of three repetition , then make it five then ten and so on as per your stamina .
Posture 1  :  Stand erect, ideally facing the morning sun. Fold your hands in prayer close to your chest and chant 'Om Suryadevaya Namah' thrice.

Posture 2 : With your hands together raise your arms up in the air while you breathe in. Bend over backwards forming an arch from the hands to your feet. The flexibility of the spine is ensured in this posture.

Posture 3 :  Bring your hands down while you breathe out to touch the floor on either side of your feet. In this posture, it is very important to keep your knees straight as you bend forward from the waist and your head as close as possible to the knee. This posture helps melt the excess fat around the stomach by aiding digestion. And it is self stretching of hamstring muscles helps to release lower back too.  If any backache history is there then consult your physiotherapist first to do it .

Posture 4 : While breathing in, put your hands flush with the floor and lower your hips and stretch your left leg back, allowing it to balance on your toes, and your right leg bent in a crouching stance. With your hands firmly on the ground and your arms straight as a die, raise your head upwards to face the sky. This one is for the flexibility of spine and leg muscles, and boosts immunity from diseases.

Posture 5 : As you breathe out, let your hands stay firmly on the ground and push your right leg back parallel to the left. Make sure your feet firmly touch the ground and your hip raised high. With your arms and knees straight lower your head to face your navel.

Posture 6 :  Hold your breath as you bring your hips down while keeping your hands and feet in the same position, and stretch your whole body near the floor. With your face downward, bring your chest and knees to lightly brush the floor, and hold your hips slightly high. At this moment, 8 points of your body are touching the floor - your palms, forehead, chest, knees and toes.

Posture 7 :  This posture is a mere extension of Posture 6, in that you breathe in and straighten your arms and lift your chest upward in an arching stance, and your head thrown back facing the sky. Your arms, at this point, carry the weight of your body, with you knees and toes resting on the floor.

Dr Anita Verma
Physiotherapist & wellness consultant
Specialization in preventive health care