Monday, 13 October 2014

Mechanical cause is the major cause of backache

Back pain is one of the great human affliction almost everyone born to day in Europe or north America has a great chance of suffering a disability back injury regardless of  occupation . Now days it is very common due to changing life style. It becomes one of the lifestyle disease and hampering daily routine life and the professional life too which at major level affecting the millions works day’s loss. , 7 – 10 % of the adult population consults medical professionals each year with back pain.Every one should need to understand the cause of backache. One of the major back pain is mechanical this   accounts for more than 90% back pain episodes, usually affecting patients 20 - 55 years. Onset is often acute , associated with lifting and banding . mechanical pain is related to activity and is generally relived by rest . it is usually confine to the lumbosacral region, buttock , thighs , is asymmetrical , and dose not radiate beyond the knee. On examination lower back muscles spasm tenderness and painful restriction of some but not all movements . in this kind of pain prognosis is good .
Now a days changing life style crate a new pattern and cause of back ache which seems like very major problem. due to long sitting jobs , increasing stress at job i.e. job dissatisfaction , general stress due day to day life , obesity (weight gain)

Muscle tightness and loss of mobility is generally associated with back ache. Muscles imbalance is commonly found that cause deformity at lower back. If any muscle imbalance will be there due to adopting single posture (sitting, standing etc) for longer period of time will cause mechanical backache, proper assessment is required under the guidance of physiotherapist, and every one who is suffering with back pain should understand the proper cause of backache and should discuss in detail with the physiotherapist and learn the set of exercise or under go manual therapy (mobilization) if required. It is the myth that every one has to do same exercise which is commonly found on all resource of knowledge. There is different need of exercise and therapy for every individual. 

Obesity contributes to back pain , carrying extra weight can increase risk for developing several back disorders. Extra weight puts on spine will increase the degeneration of the spine and the disc of vertebra , obesity also contributes in developing osteoarthritis (OA) in the spine , studies show that with weight loss , pain from OA subsides in many patients .A large belly may pull your pelvis forward, which in turn will increase the curve in your lower back (lordosis). The increase lordosis will probably tighten up your back muscles and cause stain and pain.

DR. ANITA VERMA (PT)                                                                                      
       Wellness consultant
       Preventive & promotive healthcare specialist