Monday, 1 September 2014

Life style is the biggest killer :

Today’s life style is become the biggest enemy of human being , the biggest killer in the world today , accounting for over 80% death world wide is not war , infection , or natural calamities , but the biggest  killer is modern lifestyle .
Modern lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity, imbalance diet and lack of proper nutrition, stress & tension, alcohol and smoking , etc. manifests to lifestyle diseases i.e. high blood pressure , diabetes , hypercholesterol, obesity, early degeneration (arthritis), stock etc.

Among all the lifestyle disease obesity is one of the major issue in today’s lifestyle and it becomes the root cause of all major illness , obesity is not simply the accumulation of body fat .obesity is a multifactorial problem, which has no single distinct cause. only some 5%of obesity occur secondary to specific diseases, such as hypothyroid, tumor of the hypothalamus, Cushing’s syndrome etc. most obese condition are due to an undetermined combination of individual , genetic, familial, environmental, physiological, & psychological factors. The numbers of obese and overweight people are rising at an alarming rate . According to statistics  and WHO reports Globally, there are more than100 crores overweight adults, at least 30 crores of them obese. 49.9 % Delhi is overweight Prevalence of obesity Continues to increase in INDIA obesity is a chronic(long term) disease that is difficult and time consuming to treat, there is no over night solution  for this.